Supporting people to live the lives they choose

Skills and Employment

A key part of the support offered is around skills and employment to enable people to become employable and independent. We expect people to move through the service in a relatively short time and to achieve this we provide a programme of activities and supportive group sessions

In-House Programme

  • Daily job search – using multi-lingual programmes
  • Basic computer skills
  • CV Writing and job application skills
  • Structured life skills and pre-tenancy training
  • Specialist support around substance use
  • Support around on-going health or emotional issues / counselling
  • ESOL*

* ESOL for Speakers of Other Languages. The qualifications are for candidates whose first language is not English and they assess the four skills of speaking, writing, listening and reading. The topics and tasks covered are relevant to learners and are related to everyday work, study, community and social situations.

English classes are held regularly throughout the week and residents are encouraged to speak in English at all times, as we believe that this is often the main skill that contributes towards securing employment.